the blacksburg tavern

the blacksburg tavernthe blacksburg tavernthe blacksburg tavern

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About Us

Welcome to The Blacksburg Tavern!     

We are located in the oldest house, circa 1892, on Main Street within the town’s original Sixteen Squares.  When this home was built Main Street was a dirt road where horses pulled wagons and picket fences kept milk cows from roaming.  Virginia Tech was then known as Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College with a total student enrollment of 135.

    During April of 2007 while living in California I decided to take on a project in my hometown of Blacksburg.  I found this property for sale with a description that indicated if no buyer were willing to preserve the house then it would be demolished.  Eventually I moved back to Blacksburg to buy the property and to convert the old home into The Blacksburg Tavern, a restaurant tribute to Blacksburg, Virginia Tech, and the New River Valley.

    We offer a traditional regional farmer’s menu, much like the original family who lived in this house would have prepared: chicken, beef, ham, vegetables, biscuits, apple butter, ice cream, cobbler, as well as a full bar with beer, wine, and mixed drinks.  The Blacksburg Tavern showcases Appalachian and other music with live performances whenever possible.

    Art at The Blacksburg Tavern depicts local history and landscapes.  Our wall murals were hand-painted by Virginia McLaughlin, my great-aunt, at the age of 91 assisted by her son Salyer.  She has painted similar murals at George Washington's Mount Vernon estate and at various other historic buildings.  Paintings by local artists and our collection of early Blacksburg and Virginia Tech photographs cover our remaining walls.

    Your patronage supports our operating and preservation expenses.  Thank you for joining us at The Blacksburg Tavern!

    Daniel Riley, tavern owner,
    a descendant of Maryland tavern owner Eliphaz Riley (1689-1760)

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103 S Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060



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